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About us

Development factory is a organization(society), that works with youth since 2003, the aim of our organization is to promote the involvement of young people in the progress of democratic processes, to help them become aware of themselves and their place in these processes. promoting their self-affirmation, creativity, self - initiative. self-confidence, skills to work in a team and to be a leader , those are important for the positive and successful development of each person. 

These goals are achieved by using non-formal education methods organizing various events - training's, seminars, camps, informative campaigns for young people (13 -25 years old) about topics that are important for them - career, business, educational possibilities, health and healthy lifestyle, participation, politics, mass media etc. Non-formal education allows young people to remain in their comfort zone, thus learning in an environment that enjoyable and allows them to come to know themselves, as opposed to formal education being forced to frame them with the things they need to learn. Non-formals education allows young people to learn and acquire what they want, not only by gaining knowledge, but also by enjoying the learning process. 

Development factory participates in youth interest advocacy at local level and national (we are a member of National Youth Council of Latvia). Association have signed a treaty with municipality , making us responsible for youth work in the city and is coordinating different scale of local and international projects.


Association "Attīstības fabrika"

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Phone: +371 25 705 008

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Adress: Kuldīgas 13, Ventspils LV-3601, Latvija