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Association "Attīstības fabrika"

Registration. Nr.: 40008074582

Phone: +371 25 705 008

Email: [email protected]

Adress: Kuldīgas 13, Ventspils LV-3601, Latvija

We have long term European Solidarity Corps project "Youth of Tomorrow" and we are looking for youngsters who want to work with non-formal education methods in our NGO!

During the project volunteers will engage in a variety of ways and activities:

  • Organize training and lectures for local schools;
  • Teach your mother tongue or language that you as volunteer feels like sharing in local libraries or in Ventspils University of Applied Sciences;
  • Promote to local community understanding of foreign cultures, by creating events during all the
  • project;
  • Non-formal education classes and summer camps for country side youngsters;
  • Workshops and leisure activities for kids and young people in Ventspils city and Ventspils region, in Design and creativity center “Rade”, Ventspils libraries and in Ventspils support center for kids with disabilities;
  • Motivate young people to engage and participate in various public events in Ventspils;
  • Inspire local community to take part in various EU projects;
  • Non-formal activities in schools with various age schoolers, ect.

Duration of project:

2 vacancies for 190 days (approximately 6 months) starting now, deadline for applying October 20

2 vacancies for 183 days (approximately 6 months)  starting now, deadline for applying October 20

2 vacancies for 145 days  (approximately 5 months) starting form year 2024

6  vacancies for 234 days  (approximately 8 months) starting form year 2024

Informational material YOUTH_OF_TOMORROW.pdf

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volunteers add value to events happening in the city

Up to now NGO have welcomed 39 international volunteers (short term, long term, group projects) in Ventspils and have done more than 150 open events in the city and in the district!

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